Vital Aging for Men
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Healthy Aging Breakthrough Session

The world needs more GOOD men like you, and we need you to be of sound mind and body. Your family needs you to age with power. Your friends need you to set the example for what Vital Aging for Men can look like.  

I want YOU to experience the TIME of your life in the PRIME of your life!

…To like who you see in the mirror.

…To enjoy a pain-free life (an aching, aging body IS NOT a given!)

…To get a good night’s sleep and look forward to getting out of bed every day.

…To ignite the fires that have been dwindling inside you.

…To enjoy stamina, energy, romance & desire with your partner.

..To get back on your bike, your skis, the trails.

Believe it or not, with a little help, you can PLAY just as hard as you used to, and I can show you how.

Most men believe they can handle this aging thing all by themselves. DIY works in your garage, so why not with your health, right? Don’t walk the path alone; you don’t have to. There’s a time and place for solitude, and this isn’t it.

Here’s the thing: you don’t know what you don’t know! Even when the best, most accurate and scientifically sound information comes your way, you’re thinking…

“I’ve tried dieting before, how is this any different?”

“I just don’t know who or what to trust!”

“I’m not confident I can make this work, either.”

“Everything causes cancer now! It doesn’t matter what I do!”

You’re successful in business and life. You’re a strong, powerful man who has what it takes to kick your aging up a notch. Let’s take it to the next level.

Don’t keep throwing away your hard earned money and, even more importantly, wasting your valuable TIME and ENERGY. You only have so much; let’s make the most of it. It’s time to end the suffering.

I’ve put together Vital Aging for Men, for YOU!

What can I expect from Vital Aging for Men?

Over the course of 18 weeks, we’ll guide you through personal transformation that will take your body, mind, and spirit to the next level.

We’ll start with an individual wellness assessment, including an array of lab tests that will give us a clearer picture of your overall state of health and wellbeing. We’ll work together to identify the areas of your life where focus and attention can bring the greatest results. We’ll help you design a Prime Time Wellness Plan that works with your life, and we’ll check in on your progress to help you stay on track.

You’ll begin to see subtle transformations in your body and mind, and, if you commit and do the work, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years. You’ll awaken to what is truly possible in your life.

Our program includes expert advice from the likes of Dr. William Sears, MD, Martha Sears, RN, and other specialists committed to providing you with the latest, science-based information to help you get healthy and stay that way. A Restorative Medicine Specialist is available for two one-on-one consultations during the program to review your lab work and discuss any specialized medical treatments that can help where diet, exercise and lifestyle leave off.

In addition to weekly calls with Marsha, you’ll have the option of traveling to one of our Vital Aging for Men weekend experiences. You’ll connect with powerful men in the prime of their lives for epic outdoor adventures and benefit from in-person coaching with Marsha. Regardless of your stage in the program, our weekend experiences will leave you rejuvenated and send you away with actionable tips and tools to take your aging to the next level!

You’re the BEST in everything you do. Why should your body, mind, and spirit settle for less?

Program Modules:


As soon as you enroll in Vital Aging for Men, you’ll receive login instructions to our membership site. There you’ll find your Orientation Guide with information about the flow of modules and next steps on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Month 1
  • Month 2
  • Month 3
  • Month 4

Open Your Internal Pharmacy, Make Health Your Hobby, Move Waste From Your Waist, Live Without Pain and Inflammation.

What you’re working on:

  • Discovering how your body makes its own medicine.
  • Strategies to keep your internal pharmacy open.
  • Charting a course for healthier aging that puts YOU in control.
  • Learning the processes that lead to unhealthy aging & increase your chances of age-related illness.
  • Implementing healthy aging tools to mitigate the effects of past behaviors.
  • Structuring a moving plan that doesn’t require hours a day in the gym.
  • Discovering ways to reduce inflammation as you age.
  • Establishing a benchmark for your current state and a plan to achieve your desired state of wellness.

Exercise in Your Prime, The Brain, Natural Remedies, Let’s Talk About Sex.

What you’re working on:

  • Busting exercise myths.
  • Designing a moving plan that feels like fun, not work.
  • Learning ways to minimize injury and build up bones & joints.
  • Understanding the brain as it relates to food, stress, sleep and aging.
  • Natural ways to promote health and address age-related challenges.
  • Understanding how your sex organs and hormones change as you age.
  • Learning ways to enjoy better & MORE sex as you age.

Attention & The Now, Automaticity, Judgments, Acceptance.

What you’re working on:

  • Understanding what Mindfulness is and its relationship to attention & the now.
  • Getting clear on automatic behaviors and your level of control.
  • Understanding how judgments color and limit reality.
  • Defining resistance and acceptance.
  • Learning scientifically-proven methods for shifting thoughts and creating your reality vs. participating in a life out of your control.

Goals, Compassion, The Ego, Integration.

What you’re working on:

  • The benefits of goals and how to avoid goal-related pitfalls.
  • Facing your inner critic.
  • Understanding self-compassion and its importance in a healthy, meaningful life.
  • Understanding the self as story.
  • Building and going beyond the ego.
  • Integrating mindfulness & healthy choices into daily life.

Your most important takeaways will be:

Support & Encouragement

You’re not alone in this. Along with your coach, you’ll develop a community of support you can count on.


From your personal coach, a strong feminine energy, one that builds you up, bringing forth your strengths and motivations for making long-lasting changes in your life.

Mindset Shifts

You’ll develop a daily practice that serves you. Leave behind your old ways of thinking, the programming that didn’t work, the excuses that keep you stuck, the anger and fear that color your days and cloud your future. Elevate your thinking, and everything else will follow.


You desire to be the best possible version of yourself. You’ll gain support to determine the core areas of focus that will make the most impact in designing the prime TIME of your life.


The kingdom is within you. You’ve heard it before, and it’s true. Our focus and work on mindfulness will help clear your mind and elevate your experience of life. You’ll learn to embrace life as it unfolds around you.


Perhaps you’ve felt alone in this journey toward a healthier, happier life. Well, you’re not alone. I offer personalized support, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other men like yourself in our online group, other men who are ready to age with power and dignity.


I am a purpose-driven woman with scientifically-proven strategies to guide men through phenomenal personal growth and transformation. I love what I do, and if it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t do it.

Imagine a world where YOU are in charge of your own health and care.

Over the course of 18 weeks, you’ll receive:

One-on-One Support
  • Weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with me for coaching and goal-setting.
  • Full Email Access to me for 18 weeks. Submit your questions directly for one-on-one, personalized responses.
  • Two one-on-one consultations with a Restorative Medicine Specialist who will:
    • Review your pre and post assessments.
    • Recommend personalized medical solutions when diet, exercise and lifestyle aren’t enough.
  • Individual Wellness Resource Assessment for your area ($200 value).


We’ll conduct a thorough pre and 90 day health assessment, including lab work, with the guidance of a licensed physician. Our restorative medicine doctor will review the results to inform your vital aging consultation. We encourage you to share results with your primary care physician, at your discretion. The cost of this service is included in the program and testing is done outside of your insurance plan.

Knowledge, skills and tools to help you get healthy and stay that way:
  • 18 weekly training modules for powerful men including video, audio and workbooks.
  • Expert advice from health, nutrition, and mindset specialists.
  • Access to Marsha’s private resources and support.
  • Prime-Time Health by William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN.
  • A library of tips, tricks and tools to simplify your life and make healthy living EASIER.
  • My favorite workout, one that will save you time, increase your muscle-building hormones, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and burn fat faster. And, we’ll show you how to do it with step-by-step videos!   

Group Accountability:
  • A private, exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other successful, motivated men who are committed to aging with power and dignity.
  • Additional access to Marsha by posting your questions in your private forum.
  • Networking and accountability opportunities.

Vital Aging for Men Bonuses:

Transformative Weekend Experiences:

As a bonus for enrolling in the program, you’ll choose between two weekend experiences where we’ll have an opportunity to connect LIVE for coaching and support.  Epic outdoor adventures in beautiful locations with other powerful men and in-person coaching with Marsha. Optional one-on-one opportunities like Enlightened Shopping with Marsha are available before and after the weekend. Interested in attending both weekend experiences? You’re welcome to join us; we provide an á la carte option to add the other weekend to your program. 

You’ll also receive:
  • Vital Aging for Men journals ($25 value)
  • 30 Day Gentle Cleanse & Detox with Arbonne Essentials ($445 value)
  • 3 month supply of Nutritionist’s Choice multivitamins* ($90 value)
  • 3 month supply of Nutritionist’s Choice fish oil
  • 3 month supply of Nutritionist’s Choice Vitamin D, as needed

*Nutritionist’s Choice products are, hands-down, some of the highest quality supplements I’ve found, and I’ve included a video here to explain why.

People who’ve worked with Marsha have this to say:


“I’ve never had the pleasure of working with someone as devoted as Marsha has been to my success.”


“Every facet of my health has improved. I have more energy. I look younger. I’m smiling. I’m happy. I also have better stamina in all things I do. I’ve learned to treat my body better and be kind to myself by resting, sleeping more, and tuning into what Marsha calls, ‘the wisdom of the body.’ As a result, I’m taking ownership of my body, my life, and my purpose on this planet. Transformational change has occurred, and Marsha’s guidance was instrumental.“


“Working with Marsha on my journey to increased health and well-being was invaluable. This is not a linear path. I had ideas, but Marsha helped me take them to the next level by concretizing those ideas into realistic steps towards attainable goals. Her support and guidance kept me motivated into sustainable lifestyle change. I’m very grateful for our work together.“

What happens after you apply?

We only work with men who are ready and committed to changing their lives and owning their aging. If you’re still with me, then you, my dear, are ready. After you apply for Vital Aging for Men, you’ll receive an email welcome packet with login instructions for our personal learning platform. Here, you’ll access:

  • Course materials and workbooks
  • Marsha’s personal reading list
  • Bonus materials
  • Marsha’s calendar to schedule one-on-one coaching

Register NOW before all the spots are filled. We only work with a small number of clients at a time, so SIGN UP while spots are still available!

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